At First Baptist Church, we recognize the middle school and high school ages as a very important time as teenagers develop into adults. Likewise, this age group is seeking to better understand the foundations of the Christian faith and how to practically live the Christian life. Our focus with our teens is to teach them Biblical truth. In addition, our adult youth workers seek to establish purposeful relationships with our teens for discipleship in their Christian walks. Our youth workers also are available as resources to parents of our youth. All our volunteers who work with these ages have been screened to ensure a safe environment. Many weekly ministries and ministry events are available for our young adults.

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"Today's teens are bombarded by a culture that undermines Christian values and Biblical Truth. Discerning how to follow Christ as a teenager amidst many pressures and temptations is difficult. As youth leaders, we can help by teaching teens Scripture and helping them apply this truth to their lives. We strive to build edifying relationships between the youth worker and the teen as well as amongst the group. Above all, we are collectively seeking to glorify God in we do. (I Cor. 10:31)"

Youth Director
Keith & Allison Reagan