Light For The Way


Sundays  @  7:30 a.m.

 WORD-FM  101.5

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Light for the Way radio broadcast airs every Sunday at 7:30 a.m. on WORD-FM 101.5. The program features the preaching of Pastor Dave Trepanier of First Baptist Church of Evans City. Each thirty minute segment focuses on the exposition of the Bible, unleashing the Word of God to the audience. 

Pastor Dave head shot I am fully convinced that the Word of God is powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword. It just needs to be preached with power and conviction. That is my goal in the Light for the Way broadcast. I seek to glorify the Lord Jesus by exalting Him through the clear explanation of His Word. If you have not had the chance to hear the broadcast, let me encourage you to tune into WORD-FM 101.5 every Sunday at 7:30 a.m. 

For those of you who listen to Light for the Way, thank you for supporting this ministry with your listenership. Be sure to visit all of First Baptist Church's website to learn about this unique community of believers in Evans City. You will also find other beneficial resources unavailable on the broadcast.
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