Growth Groups


What are Growth Groups?

Growth Groups is a ministry of First Baptist Church that focuses on discipleship in a small group setting. This ministry grew out of a burden for the body of Christ to function in a way that the New Testament portrays. Growth Groups recognize that spiritual growth was not intended by God to happen in isolation. Rather, God created the body of Christ to function and spiritually grow in a community setting.

Each group is led by a leader and co-leader who are committed to both growing in Christ themselves and seeing their group grow in Christ. Growth Groups provide the opportunity for the body of Christ to engage on a more relational level than is available at a Sunday worship service. The weekly format caters to developing relationships on a deeper level.

Significant time is spent on praying for one another’s spiritual burdens and needs, followed by a study working through the material that was preached during the Sunday morning service earlier that week or through a focused small group study. The danger for any person is simply to become a hearer of the Word and not a doer. Growth Groups aid in developing doers of the Word, not simply hearers.


Why Growth Groups?


Platform for Biblical Discipleship

Growth Groups exist because the Great Commission exists. The heart of the Great Commission is disciple-making. Growth Groups provide a valuable platform where discipleship can take place in a natural way.

Enables Biblical Shepherding

God calls the leaders of the church to be shepherding the Body of Christ (Acts 20:28; 1 Pet 5:1-3). Growth Groups enable the men to shepherd the body more effectively in a small group atmosphere.

Opportunity for Effective Prayer

Growth Groups provide the opportunity for the members of the body to get to know each other on a deeper level. This will result in numerous opportunities for the groups to be praying effectively for one another.

Establishes Authentic Community

A church is not a building; it is a body. Growth Groups helps foster an atmosphere of authentic community by connecting the members of the body with each other in a deeper relationship than can happen during a worship service.

Focused Gospel Growth

Growth Groups do not simply focus on the facts of the Gospel, but how the Gospel applies to all areas of life. These groups take Gospel Growth seriously.


Growth Group Locations



Evans City
242 S. Washington Street     
Sundays   6PM

Study: Romans

196 NorthView Dr.   
Sundays   6PM

Study: Sunday Morning's Sermon

116 Main St.
Mondays   7PM

Study: The Book of Acts