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CLCjr is a ministry of First Baptist Church focused on teaching the Scriptures to children from toddler age thru Grade 8. The purpose of CLCjr is to come alongside the parents in teaching their children the whole counsel of God. Each class provides an atmosphere where the child can learn age appropriate material as well as interact with other children his/her age.

The CLCjr program takes seriously the statement in 2 Timothy 3:16, "All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness." The program is God-centered, gospel-saturated, Bible-based, and age-appropriate.

Current Session: 

2 - 3 Years

Using The Gospel Project, this class teaches kids about God's deliverance of His people after 40 years in the desert, Joshua's encouragement to be faithful to God, and God's raising up of judges to help refocus people's faith and trust.

Grades 1 - 3

Grades 1 - 3 will focus on the attributes of God from the curriculum The ABC’s of God. In this session, God’s eternality, incomprehensibility, name, power, glory, wisdom, strength, sovereignty, self-sufficiency, and knowledge will be studied.

Grades 4 - 6

Grades 4 - 6 will spend session two studying the book of Exodus. Special focus will be given to God’s special provision for the Israelites in the wilderness journey. The last few weeks will be spent looking at the promise of the Messiah in the Old Testament, finding its fulfillment in the birth of Christ.

Grades 7 - 8

Following Rejoicing in God’s Good Design, Grades 7 - 8 will look to understand and rejoice in God’s good design in creating men and women fully equal in His image, yet with different roles. Students will be encouraged to value members of the opposite gender, as they learn how God has designed and gifted each gender to fulfill distinct callings.


Laurens photo-01-01"Our vision for CLCJr is to:
guide children towards a dynamic relationship with their Savior & Creator;
bring children to a greater understanding of their purpose on earth in relation to God's will & plan;
help children develop personal morals and values that are in line with scriptural truths;
and encourage and support parents as they work to raise their children to be Christ-like individuals"



Lauren Busch
CLCjr Director