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June 3 - August 19

History of Baptist (Vaughn Jones)

After reading a couple books on church history and the history of Baptists, although not necessarily qualified to teach such a class, I believe it is important for us to understand our roots as Baptists. The class will focus on our origins in England in the early 17th century and the connection to Anabaptists one hundred years earlier. The Baptist beginnings in America will be traced to Massachusetts and Rhode Island and then to other colonies. The significant influence Baptists had in the forming of our constitution and the Bill of Rights will be discussed. The 19th century church and its relation to the issues of slavery and the Civil War will be developed. We will then consider the carious 'Baptist groups' that developed during the 20th century and the people who were involved as well as the Missionary outreach from the Baptist movements during the 19th and 20th centuries. We will include a brief history of our church since 1820 as well as recent history since 1973. We will also focus some attention on what are commonly referred to as 'Baptist Distinctives'. For more in depth study, a class on Baptist History will be available at the Pittsburgh Baptist Institute (which we support) during the fall of 2018. This class may be taken as an audit, without credit.

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Biblical Worldview (Brian Adey)

Have you ever wondered how someone could possibly support something that you find reprehensible? Have you ever had a discussion with someone and wondered why they couldn't understand your point of view? Have you ever been sharing gospel truths with someone only to be met with questions that you couldn't answer, and wondered what you did wrong?

Worldview is a word we rarely use, and it is something that we generally never consider when we interact with other people. Yet, it colors every single thought a person has and every single decision they make.

In this class, we will discuss what a worldview is, what people of various worldviews believe, and how we can more effectively witness to people who espouse a worldview that may differ from our own.

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Missions Dilemma (Jeff Aronsohn

Is there a better way to do missions? how difficult can it be to go to another country or culture and show them our way, a better way of working, worshipping, and living in their own communitites?

We have a desire to go and help or fix those we are going to serve. But is this really what the people need from us? Do we have the idea of short term missions all wrong?

The answer is YES, we have it wrong. Missions Dilemma teaches how to minister with, instead of minister to the people we go to serve. Through a video teaching series by Steve Saint and a workbook of Scripture references and discussion questions, the real way to view and serve on the mission field God's way is revealed.

If you are planning a short term mission trip, this class is a must. If you have committed to partner with one of our missionaries, this class will give you valuable insight into the needs and hearts of our missionaries who serve on the field. You will never view missions the same. Come and learn how we can "Walk God's Trail" together.

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